Night-Waking, Sleep-Deprived Mama Here #MamaRant

For the past 6 weeks, my spouse has been unemployed. Long story, but good news! He starts his training shift today (May the 4th be with him). Meanwhile, Spider-Man has had a cold and decided to cut 4 molars at once, and who knows what else, but he has NOT been sleeping.

At all.


I’m of the mind that if you’re not the one working, then you are the one getting up with the child. I’ve been working, Spouse hasn’t, thus, in my mind, he should be waking up with the baby all night, right?

Yeah, it’s been a rough week!

I got up with the child Tuesday night, and oh boy. Spouse did, too, because let’s face it, it’s really hard to sleep through a screaming, wailing child who is almost at the point of making himself puke because he’s crying so hard.

We are working on why he’s suddenly not sleeping (praying it’s just between this cold and teething), but who knows right now. It could be something else.

When I was on mat-leave, I got up with Spider-Man every night except when my spouse had weekends. I made sure Spouse was well-rested for work. When I started back at work, we split the nights in half. Spouse had from bedtime-2am, and I had from 2am-waking time. I’m much more a morning person than Spouse.

When Spider-Man started only waking once or twice, we started taking whole nights. I had Mon, Wed, and Fri, and my Spouse had the rest, mostly because Spider-Man also came to work with me so I was doing double-duty already.

Then he started sleeping the night.

But now…now what?

We’re lost! It’s like we’re starting from day 1 all over again, and that’s even worse when you KNOW the child can sleep through the night. One night, here and there, yeah, whatever. But 2 weeks straight is getting crazy.

So how did you hand the night wake-ups? What was your method to the madness?


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